Crab Fishing in a Corn Field?

Damn.. it’s been 2 days and I’m still thinking, what to write about. It seems, Finding a good Topic is harder then fishing for crabs in a Corn Field. Huh!! One may ask how is that possible?

Well, this world is full of coincidences. I remember reading a story once about “the first motor vehicle accident ever recorded”. When cars were made available to the public, there were only 2 cars in the whole 400 miles long state of Ohio. Some how, both were able to find each other in the country side and crashed (head on) killing both drivers on the spot. Imagining, what was going through in the minds of those drivers. This story still cracks me up..

So, getting back to the Fishing for a Crab in a Corn Field. Well, I can see only 2 possible ways that, this can take place. 1 would be, if a Crab (one day) got tired of being a crab, living in the sea world and decided to move to the corn field to live a lifestyle of a Caterpillar. Only problem is that, Crab must travel through a whole bunch of different kind of obstacles during his journey. And if, some how it makes it to the Corn Field, It must convince caterpillars that, it’s one of their’s own, and was lost in a Carnival (Kumb Ka Mela) in its toddler days.

The 2nd way of this happening is perhaps more convenient. If a Crab was caught in the sea and being Deported to land by an aircraft. It some how finds a hole in the cargo area and decides to jump (without a parachute). Well, the only coincidence here would be that, exactly at the same time, I was already in the Corn Field fishing for a Crab and it just fell from the sky.

So, you see my point. It is very much Possible. But, what’s not possible is, me finding a good Topic to write about. I guess I’m just wasting my time here. Oh well, I’ll just grab my fishing rod and head to the Corn Field.

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